CrayZee SureZee – Digital EP


CrayZee SureZee – Digital EP

DOWNLOAD CrayZee SureZee – Digital EP

The “Digital EP” represents the world in which we live in today. Almost everything is becoming digital or has digital records, from watches to cars, including musical instruments and sounds. This project is digital too, no actual instrument was used to make any of the songs in there. It’s all digital, and that’s the way of our todays world, Digital.

Download & Listen to Digital EP by CrayZee SureZee below;


  1. CrayZee SureZee – Away From The Stars
  2. CrayZee SureZee – Minoir Technicality
  3. CrayZee SureZee – No Threat
  4. CrayZee SureZee – Remember That Night
  5. CrayZee SureZee – Somewhere Peaceful
  6. CrayZee SureZee – Wrecking Ball


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